Monday, October 3, 2011

I EAT: Duck, Duck, Duck

No, it's not a fashion post. Don't be too surprised. After all, this blog is meant to be much more than just a fashion blog.

So what's on my mind right now? Roast duck.

People often rag on London for having sub-par food. My parents are/were no exception. Whenever we would visit, they would insist on eating exclusively at a selective handful of restaurants. Among the picks? The Four Seasons in Bayswater.

Upon arrival in Londontown, the Four Seasons was on my immediate culinary checklist. Their roast duck is simply divine- greasy, savory, succulent, plump, sweet. Needless to say if you're a duck lover like me, you'll be hard-pressed to find roast duck as good as this... at least in London. Happy eating!

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