Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I GO: Sketch

A couple of nights ago, my friend and I went to this lovely place in Mayfair called Sketch. Sketch is a restaurant, collection of bars, tea room, and art gallery all rolled into one. If you like venues with a somewhat kooky vibe and a whole lot of personality, it's definitely worth the visit. Just be sure to make a reservation if you want to drop in for dinner; it gets pretty packed!

Better pictures of my outfit in the next post. Be sure to check out the pictures after the jump!

Our adorable menu.

Breadsticks in a lego container.

Pan-fried sea bream with Espelette pepper, aubergine cream, raisins, and celery.

The France: Red fruit tartlet, strawberry syrup, raspberry coulis, vanilla and raspberry ice cream, and rose water marshmallow.

The Tuscany: Parmesan cream with passionfruit, Genoa almond cake, pineapple, and iced pineapple parfait.

And this might sound strange, but before you leave, you have to check out the bathroom! It's composed of individual egg-like pods, all subtly lit in fluorescent pink.

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