Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I EAT: Macarons, Macarons, Macarons!

Ask anyone who knows my dietary habits and they'll tell you I'm a sucker for sweets. In fact, I tend to eat them in place of regular meals. Which is why Paris can be such a bad idea. Too many pastries, too little time. And no, the gym is not really an option.

These macarons are from Laduree and Pierre Herme. The first set from Laduree contained more traditional flavors (rose, chocolate, pistachio, etc.) while the second larger set from Pierre Herme included some strange newbies (chocolate with foie gras, white chocolate truffle, milk chocolate with passionfruit etc.). To be frank, I'd have to say I like the texture of Laduree's macarons better, but some of Pierre Herme's unconventional flavor combinations were fantastic. My favorites were the hazelnut praline, the olive oil/mandarin orange, and the chocolate/coffee/aniseed combo.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

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