Friday, December 23, 2011

I EAT: Too Much (Stereotypical) Bavarian Food

When I think of the German stereotype, pretzels, schnitzel, and beer comes to mind. So trust me, the humor of this post does not evade me. Perhaps it's a Bavarian thing, or perhaps I somehow happened to only dine at tourist traps, but this is post accurately (and somewhat hilariously) chronicles my Munich foodventures.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump! 

Pork knuckle with "crackle". Probably my favorite meal in Munich. Juicy, flavorful, and reminiscent of those mega turkey legs they sell at Disney land.

I had dinner at Ratskeller smack in the middle of Marienplatz, the main square. When flipping through guidebooks or asking for recommendations, this restaurant kept coming up so I had to give it a try. It definitely deserved all its praise; the service was prompt, the ambiance warm, and the food delicious. I had the veal schnitzel, and though I'm no schnitzel expert, I was told by my friend who lives in Munich that it had just the right amount of batter. My verdict? It was so good I ate beyond my "full" cap. Y'know what I mean.

After dinner, I ventured over to Hofbrauhaus, Munich's oldest and most prolific beer hall/brewery. It's massive with four sprawling stories and row after row of wooden tables and bench, but the ambiance is cheery. Despite being a bit gimmicky what with all the servers in traditional garb and pretzel-toting waitresses, it's definitely worth a visit. The closest I'm getting to Oktoberfest in Munich. 

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