Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I GO: Munich (First Snapshots)

In the Berlin vs. Munich smackdown, I'd have to say Munich wins for me. The city is just stunning! Here, for your enjoyment, are the first snapshots from my wanderings around Munich. Most of them were taken at the Englischer Garten, Munich's "Central Park" (which happens to be like 12300834x bigger than NYC's). Don't quote me on this, but I'm guessing the park's name comes from the fact that it is modeled after the 18th century surreal English landscape gardens (ex: Stourhead). During the spring, the park plays host to nude bathers, but given that it's winter, everyone was fully clothed; this was simultaneously a letdown and a relief. 

The last three pictures were taken at my hotel- the Art Hotel Munich. If you're ever in Munich, I highly suggest staying here. Its decorations are playful without being tacky, the rooms are rather spacious for the price, the staff is warm and helpful, and there's free wi-fi in all the rooms. End advertisement.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

The Ludwig Maximilians University campus. Breathtaking (though the picture might not do it justice).

Beer garden in the Englischer Garten. Apparently, it's studded with them.

The Monopteros in the Englischer Garten.

As close to an outfit shot as I'm getting today. It was too cold to unbutton my coat outside.

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