Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I THINK: Toodles, London!

At long last, I leave today for my mini winter Eurotrip. And immediately after that, I return to Singapore for the first time in years. I'll save you all the corny schbiel on the brevity of life; you've heard it all before and with better rhetoric, no less. But bear with me on this musing. 

Despite the excitement of what lies ahead and the fact that I'll be returning to London in less than a month, I find myself a twinge sad to leave. It's partly because I love this city; but more than that, it's because a third of my time here is now over. Despite all the logistical issues plaguing my move to London, studying abroad this year was (and is) the single greatest highlight of my college career. If you're anything like me, being in the same place for too long makes you restless. While at Berkeley, this led to "too many" weekend escapes. While abroad, it's embraced.

On my desktop, there is a Powerpoint file titled "THE BUCKET LIST". Contrary to the term's common definition, it is not a catalogue of all the things I plan to do before I die. Rather it is a checklist of all the places I'd like to see before my year abroad comes to an end. There are 100+ slides and counting, categorized by city and site type, accompanied by website URLs, addresses, opening times, and pictures.

The point is not that I'm a Powerpoint geek (although that is true too). The point is that the corny schbiel on the brevity of life is actually rather relevant. It is easy to fall into a routine and ignore the world beckoning from beyond one's comfort bubble. It takes much more effort to "stay hungry, stay foolish".

But it's nearly always worth it.

Can't wait to blog to you all from Germany, France, and Singapore. And keep on the lookout for that new section of the blog I promised! I'm incredibly excited to launch it. :]

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