Thursday, January 12, 2012

I EAT: Hawker (and Food Court) Heaven

Whenever I go home to Singapore, I tend to eat way too many meals in a day. The problem is, compared to London, the food is a gajillion times more delicious and just as many times cheaper. In many ways, local cuisine is just a potpourri of other countries/regions' local cuisines. Like eating your way through Epcot... but again, so much tastier and so much cheaper.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump! In my eating frenzy, I didn't take pictures of many of my favorite hawkers or food items (like satay from Lau Pa Sat, Tanjong Rhu char siew bao, and McDonald's curry sauce), but in order these pictures feature: Hainanese chicken rice, Milo dinosaur, sugar cane, carrot cake, roti prata, and mee pok. 

Hainanese chicken rice is perhaps the most iconic dish served in Singapore. Contrary to what most "Singaporean" restaurants in America will have you believe, it is not just chicken with rice. The rice is steeped in flavor from chicken stock (and other ingredients I am unsure of), emerging in all its oily flavorful goodness. My favorite place to eat the dish is at Wee Nam Kee, but the dish is literally served everywhere. And for the most part, it tastes deerriicciiouuss everywhere too. These shots are from the Wisma Atria mall's food court's version.

Milo dinosaur: iced Milo with more Milo powder on top. Simple, effective, addictive.

Carrot cake is actually not made from carrots at all. Those fried mini blocks you see are actually radish cake, mixed in with egg and other seasonings. This was taken at the infamous Newton Hawker Centre.

Roti prata: fried flour-based pancake with watery Chicken curry. Yum. These were taken at the Wisma food court too, but if you're searching for amazing prata, I suggest The Roti Prata House.

Fish ball mee pok: flat yellow noodles tossed in a sauce made from chili, oil, vinegar, and soya sauce. Topped with fish balls. Chinese fettucine (?).

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