Monday, December 10, 2012

I WEAR: The Gilded Age

Perhaps it's just me, but come December 1st, it's winter. All around the city, the trappings of the season are starting to pop up. Twinkly lights in all the trees, Rockefeller's ice-skating rink, Starbucks' holiday cups, the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. It's all very romantic. Especially when the weather is uncharacteristically pleasant, and a light blazer is insulation enough. 

But before we've charged too far into Christmas month (and towards Christmas sales!), I just wanted to post one last ode-of-sorts to my favorite season of them all. Growing up in Singapore, we didn't really have seasons. It rained or the air hung wet and hot, but either way, the leaves remained resolutely green. I experienced my first autumn while at college at Berkeley, and every year since, I look forward to  the "changing of the leaves". Far more masterful minds than mine have penned on the topic, but the way I see it, autumn is the year's curtain call. Wistful, elegant, proud. The choreography's perfect: blue skies with temperatures nippy enough for hand-holding, all the trees strong and tall but eager to lower the curtain, to shed their gold. And once they have, all is bare again, cleared for a fresh new show.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump; this post is actually two outfit posts in one! And, if you haven't yet, I hope you all take the time to squeeze in a few more strolls before the final bow.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I EAT: Brunch and Ballet

In my humble opinion, the quintessential New York meal is brunch. Since moving here, I've tried my best to try out a new brunch venue every single weekend, but many the weekend morning, I sleep right through brunch hours. Which says something about the severity of my insomnia considering brunch hours in New York are incredibly generous so as to accomodate the ubiquitous late-riser.

But on this particular Saturday, I had two reasons to get my lazy butt out of bed and out to brunch: Kitchenette Uptown and George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker" ballet. If you haven't yet, go go go to see a ballet at Lincoln Center. It's such an elegant way to spend a day or evening, and the New York City Ballet's talent is unparalleled. Despite this production of "The Nutcracker" being catered towards a younger audience, it was the perfect way to welcome the Christmas season.

But enough about the ballet; this is an "I Eat" post, so back to the food! If you're a sweets-for-breakfast kind of girl (like I definitely am), Kitchenette's "home-style cooking" more than hits the spot. Their groaning entryway display of baked goodies and massive selection of frothy milkshakes are downright sinful. But if you need a little savory to balance out the sweet, Kitchenette's got you covered too. My lovely galpal J insists Kitchenette's English muffins and airy mornay sauce are definitely worth cramming your way into the cozy restaurant for. 

Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Red velvet waffle with cocoa butter. The definite game-changer of the meal.


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