Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I EAT: More Seafood at Durgin-Park!

Last Boston post, last post on my winter break travels, and here we are at another centuries-old Bostonian seafood restaurant! Like the Union Oyster House, Durgin-Park is actually situated along the Freedom Trail, in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We happened to tumble into the restaurant awkwardly early for dinner so we had the place to ourselves. But once the dinner rush started, Durgin-Park transformed into a large, lively seafood picnic.

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To start off, corn bread as per usual.

Second, clam chowder and the best oyster crackers ever. Wonder if they sell these crackers in bulk online? Anyone know?

Third, my favorite dish of the meal: the clams. The lovely, silky clams! Shame on me, but I can't remember if I got the Cherry Stone or Little Neck variety. If you happen to be a clam expert, do sound off in the comments with your opinion.

Fourth, mussels smothered in garlic and butter, served with garlic bread. The sauce was quite overpowering so I have to say my favorite mussels are still those from Le Grand Cafe in Reims, France 
or those from The Smith in NYC.

Fifth, T decided to re-live our London days by ordering fish and chips. I resisted the urge. I did give up fries for 2013 after all.

Sixth and last, baked Indian pudding for dessert. Apparently, this is Durgin-Park's dessert specialty! You can barely see the pudding through the ice cream, but imagine eating molasses in cake form with vanilla ice cream. Sinfully sweet, even for diehard sugar addicts like me! Definitely one to share with many people so you all get a few bites. Anything more and you'll leave with a toothache.

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