Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I EAT: Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes

Last LA post and I'm almost done sharing all my pictures from winter break! I know, I know, about time; it's basically spring!

One sunny morning in LA, my mom managed to drag me out of bed early enough to eat breakfast. Based on dietary habits alone, her and I should be from different planets. My mother eats like a goat. I, on the other hand, seem to have a second stomach for the stampede of desserts I manage to inhale daily. Which was why Larchmont Bungalow was the perfect breakfast spot. She could order an egg white omelet with sauteed spinach, grilled zucchini and asparagus, and fresh goat cheese, served with wholewheat toast and fresh fruits. I could order the infamous red and blue velvet pancakes.

A few words about the pancakes: they are stupendously mindblowingly lifechanging. More cake than pancake but perfectly crisp on the outside. Topped with a dollop of cream cheese spread, walnuts, and powdered sugar. I ordered the half-size and found myself unable to finish the plate, but I tend to be a "gajillion of mini meals a day" type of gal.

Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

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  1. Love this post!
    looks delicious<3


  2. OMG those look amazing!



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