Thursday, February 14, 2013

I GO: Turning 22 (London Video)

My my, has it been a full week since my last entry? Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope you're spending this splendidly cheesy holiday surrounded by love. Sorry for blocking off comments for the last few posts; for some reason, Blogger kept deleting all the comments I approved so it made more sense to turn the function off until it was, well, functioning. Hopefully, that time is NOW on THIS POST.

I realize I never did a "happy birthday to me" blog post this year! So for those of you that don't already know, here is the big announcement: I am now 22 (and have been for over a month)! I've decided 22's a strange age, because as often as I feel young and fresh, I feel older than I really am. Partly because I'm simply no longer 21. And partly because I'm in my 20s- that mythical time when one's supposed to live too fast and burn too bright- and yet happily opt to curl up in bed with "Doctor Who" re-runs rather than bust out my party heels. Grandma status. But I suppose that's also the sweetest part of the deal, of "growing up". You get to admit you'd rather be happy than be a "cool kid".

Enjoy the video! And to check out all my London blog posts (from my year abroad and my recent trip) individually, just use my nifty map index.

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  1. Looks great,honey!Have a great day!

  2. love this video!!!!1

  3. Nice video :-)
    You have a lovely blog, it would be so nice if you could have a look at mine :-)


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