Estherina in Iceland: Part 3

Sights: Isafjordur (town), Dynjandi (waterfall), Valagil

Hotel: Reykholar Hostel

Sights: Hjalparfoss, Thingvellir National Park, Geysir hot spring area, Gullfoss

Hotel: Golden Circle Apartments

Sights: Bruarfoss (hidden waterfall), Blue Lagoon

Directions to Bruarfoss: Off Laugarvatnsvegur, turn into Brekkuskogur. The road is lined with summer houses. We parked in a small “parking lot”, which was really just the only parking-friendly area that wasn’t part of someone’s house. Walk in the opposite direction of the main road (Laugarvatnsvegur). If you’re confused which direction that is, head towards the wild field. Walk until you see a small wooden bridge with a sign for Bruaraskord. Cross the bridge, and then, you guessed it, follow the sound of water. The footpath to the waterfall isn’t very large or clear, but there is a path.

Hotel: Rey Apartments

Food: Seafood Grill (that place with that butter)

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