October 3, 2016

As is always the case, I’ve somehow stumbled into yet another obsession courtesy of the most successful obsession peddler there ever was: Youtube. There’s this thing called bullet journaling.

It’s this all-in-one mix between a daily planner, diary, to do list, scrapbook, notepad, and whatever the hell else you want it to be. Which doesn’t sound all that cool or revolutionary at all. Except you can give it an index and symbol key and dress it up all pretty in color coding, stickers, and washi tape, and all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey Pinterest, check my dope ass bullet journal out.” Digging it.

Except since I’m trying to do this mature thing called impulse control, I’ve got to take a second to admit it kind of sounds like a recipe for another project I’ll never complete and a large leap backwards in terms of actual life-organizing efficiency. I think what’s so appealing about the idea of bullet journaling is the idea of somehow capturing free-form thinking… and loosely – very loosely- organizing it.

See, I’m all about having a formatted system. I’m that girl at the Container Store thinking it’s a genius idea to buy containers for my containers. My Google Calendar is in fact immaculate: it is color-coded and entry wording follows a strict template. The more form a system has, the better.

But as it turns out, the one system I haven’t managed to design well enough to keep using is one to capture my brain’s wanderings. Up till now I’ve just indulged in them and then set them free to be forgotten… which is such a waste, don’t you think?

So we’re trying something new here. A little pocket of Estherina’s World where I can’t promise you order, curation, or even proper grammar. Just some good ol’ fashioned Xanga-esque journaling.