About Me

Hello there. You can call me Estherina.

Basics. I'm a 23-year-old Chinese-Indonesian currently attending law school in New York City. Prior to this, I've lived in Jakarta, Singapore, Berkeley where I attended college, and London where I studied abroad for a year.

Third-culture kid? Growing up at international schools, I was taught that I was a third-culture kid, a global nomad, a world citizen. There's a technical definition for the term, but to summarize, all that mumbo jumbo means I don't quite feel at home anywhere but everywhere. It's this trait that has kept me traveling whenever possible and thirsty for exploration anytime else.

Estherina's World. I started this blog as an online diary of sorts. A way to coherently document my life's passions and adventures- namely my avid globetrotting, borderline shopaholism, and frequent nom nom fests. Since then, it's grown into a living, breathing record of my favorite sights, sounds, tastes, and feels. One that I've become quite fond of adding to and one that I certainly hope you enjoy browsing.

So go on, get to know me. Step into my world.


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